Humane Tech Blog is a website centred around the notion of humane technology, and aims to synthesise the different approaches to tackling the new problems of an increasingly digital world. At the core of the website is the blog, but there’s also a compilation of external resources, and a knowledge base with key notions and analogies to understand the problems of digital technology today.
The website’s core vision is to look at technology from a viewpoint that questions everything about it: its design, its purpose, its functioning and its place in society. There is of course a lot of interest in digital technology in mainstream media, but the way it is presented almost always takes for granted the basis of how technology is designed, while these basic principles are usually not in the public interest.
Lastly, the website offers a non-expert and European perspective on a discussion that is still largely limited to the world of American technology experts.

The Center for Humane technology is, of course, a main source of inspiration for this website, but it is not affiliated.